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I just started with Java and found very strange that in simple operation likeMemory Interceptor Library
Nokia pushing mobile development at Eclipse
Q: Can I pass a function as a parameter in Java? If so, how?
Q: How can I change the default icon on application window (java cup) to my own?
Q: How can I make my Java package name unique?
Q: How do I access to protected methods in third party package?
Q: I have made an applet in vJ++ which I have to sign.
Q: I need to communicate some data (string) from a Java Applet
Q: I would like to know how my Java program can catch when someone
Q: I’d like to know how to know which operating system java application
Q: I’m doing a small console java app, and want to know what the function
Q: Is there a collection object like the hashmap or hashtable that stores values
Q: Is there any way to accept password from a java application.
Q: Why do we need to use shift operator in Java? Can you give some examples?
Q: Why in the write method for the OutputStream class we have “int b”?
Question: Can anyone tell me why the Java Vector class is called a ”Vector”?
Question: I just started to work in big company… Before I worked with software
Question: I read that JDK 1.4 has new features: logging, xml, regular exp…
Question: I want to download Java 1.4. I looked on the page for compatability an
Question: I’m having problems with the JavaComm (javax.comm) serial / parallel A
Question: I’m just getting into Java and have a simple question: What is J2EE an
Question: I’m trying to write a script to package my class files into a jar file
Question: I’ve been using the java comm API to allow me to build a small java in
Question: If there was a ”setvalue()” method in Float class, it would have bee
Question: Is it new Java feature that my class has no constructor?
Question: Is there any way of getting the memory requirements of objects at run-
Question: Java has no sizeof() like C++… Why?
Question: JLabels: when I add ”too much” text I can’t see all of it.
Question: Please clarify my confusion about Java versions. I hear ”Java 2” but
Question: Quite often I see that programmers use full name of class in a program
Question: Some packages use capital letters in name and some low case? I read th
Question: Why do not distinguish methods based on their return value?
Question: Why do we need wrappers like Integer, Boolean for int, boolean in Java
Question: Why is thin client has name ”thin” in J2EE?
Solaris 10 & Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 Dual boot : How to?
Sun president: PCs are so yesterday
The Value of the IBM Software Development Platform

Class.forName() loads a JDBC driver into the memory! Why do we need this?
CODAF 1.5 (stable) released with Compiere 2.5.2c support
Daffodil Open Sources Java Database One$DB at SourceForge
Daffodil Replicator v1.7 launched with Push-Pull Replication
Eclipse plugin eva/3 Application Builder for visual development and db managment
From 221 JDBC drivers find yours one that fits all requirements
I am reading my values from a db which is supposed to be a string, but sometime
I have a binary flat-file database that I need to access via JDBC. How do I crea
I have developed my program with MySQL and Java. It runs locally. Now I want to
IBM provides WebSphere application with JDBC/SQL

Biggest open diamond mine!
CodeInvaders Challenge – Java-based gaming with real-time programming
Friday’s not Java news again!
funny Cofe and Software
Funny dedication I found on the Net 🙂
High resolution free Java screensaver here!
Keep your eyes on …
Non profit remake of Star Wars!
Should we take out spammers… Literally?

FilePermission cannot Handle Symbolic Links? I was trying to change file permiss
I read that an object can be strongly, weakly or even phantom (!!!!) reachable..
Jakarta Commons IO 1.1 has been released

A strong cup of java can perk up your hair color
Have you heard about the object-oriented way to become wealthy?
Is text file binary?
My colleague, he is testing my code, got ”Headless Exception”. He jokes that i
Thief robs java shop, but pays for cup
Vodka, Programming and plugins 🙂
Why does not exist ”JavaNotFoundException”? When I deliver my Java program to

‘else’ Not Required
Abstract classes vs Interfaces: main differences
Advanced Installer for Java 1.7 Released
All String Handling in Java here!
alt.lang.jre: Get to know Jython
Analyst’s Soapbox: A nasty wake-up call for J2EE
Annotations in Tiger (J2SE 5.0)
Any idea how to lock a Session ID? Ho to prevent its usage again?
Are classes implementing Externalizable considered Serializable classes?
Array vs ArrayList vs LinkedList vs Vector: an excellent overview and examples
ArrayList vs. LinkedList
Build distributed object management frameworks for J2EE apps
Can .Net And Java Be Friends?
Can I can force finalization using System.runFinalization()?
Can I convert my Delphi code to Java?
Can I convert Visual Basic code to Java?
Can I use try/catch block to control program flow? Will it affect program perfor
Can Java communicate with ActiveX objects?
Can the JavaHelp software run in a non-Java application, such as a C++ applicati
Can we just try without catch? Yes!
Can you tell me about ”100 Percent Pure Java Certification Program ”.
Cellular Automata and Music Using Java
Concurrency in JDK 5.0 Tutorial
Could you tell me about chain exceptions?
Data Management in J2EE Apps
Design Skinnable Java UIs with Native Performance
Develop Contact Center Telecom Applications
Do you know about ”Full Speed Debugging” and “HotSwap” Class File Replacem
Fail Early, Fail Often
Fixing the Java Memory Model, Part 2
For example I use some collection and method put() which has return type Object.
Free article on BigDecimal arithmetic
How can I check CLASSPATH variable on my OS?
How can I completely clean up my Windows XP from Microsoft JVM before I install
How can I convert any Java Object into byte array? And byte array to file object
How can I in Java convert this string 23AB to its hexadecimal representation 323
How can I install my Java program as a NT service?
How can I use the new error-reporting mechanism in JVM?
How can my application know how many CPUs work in a system?
How do I compare two dates and times, date between dates, time between times and
How do I increase the level of debugging information displayed in the Java Conso
How do I increase the level of debugging information displayed in the Java Conso
How is a multidimensional array stored in Java? Is it different from C?
How is JavaSpaces technology different from databases?
How to open, read, write, close file(s) in Java? Examples on move, rename and de
How to unsign signed bytes in Java – your guide is here
How unique serialVersionUID must be? Is not it enough with default one?
I am getting ”OutOfMemoryError”. How do I prevent such memory leaks?
I am getting ”StackOverflowError” error…
I am starting with Java now.. Could you point me some simple tool that can check
I do not like to write JavaDocs, I need some tool to help me…
I found that in Java API (when looked at v1.4.2) exist ”PrivilegedExceptionActi
I have a method that names something like this – public String doSmth()…
I have an application which can be run using 64 bit JNI libraries, or 32 bit lib
I have two String arrays: array A and array B. Now I want to get the elements of
I have written a small Java web server. I want to delete (replace) a class that
I heard many times from Java lectors: ”If you are interested how new feature wa
I just looked at Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) and found that it
I know that exist many Java compilers, not only ”javac” from SUN 🙂
I know that Hashmap implementation is not synchronized. How can I synchronize it
I like JBuilder very much. Just one thing – mouse wheel is not supported…
I need to do a lot of technical computing in my Java programs. Could you advic
I need to program ”xyz” math function. Where can I find code examples?
I often do mistakes when write my JavaDoc comments. Do you know a tool to avoid
I often hear something like this ”daemon runs” or ”how to make my own daemon’
I read that in the Java (version 1.4.x) reflection implementation has been optim
I see that in Java a lot of Class loaders: bootstrap, extension, system, context
I show you now a class in Java which has no public constructor!
I tried to send Ctrl+Alt+Del key code to system from my class, but it does not w
I try to call the Runtime.exec() command by passing it an array of strings.
I use an old Java Tool from SUN. Today I read that SUN started End Of Life Proce
I use logging in my application… The problem is that I am opening the PrintWri
I want to create a logging system that handles the user, database, application s
I want to use COM component from Java. How can I get an access to the COM interf
I was considering an installation of java application on a new computer without
I was looking at java.util.Timer class and there is no possibility to cancel an
I was testing the new J2RE 1.4.2 for compatibility with our programs (written on
I would like to create a class that can execute jscripts. Does any one know if t
IBM releases free 2003 Software Evaluation Kit
IBM Security Providers: An Overview
If I turn off daylight saving during an installation of Windows XP then Java run
if Statement – Overview
If we write integer or double through Java in a file then the bit pattern for ea
In Ukraine first day of week is Monday but not Sunday
Interesting fact:
Interfaces in Java: Very easy to read overview
Intro to Java Tutorial
Introduction to Jena
Is it something new in J2SE 1.4.1?
Is it true that java.nio package name (I mean NIO part) means ”New Input/Output
Is there any way to keep an object from being collected by Garbage Collector?
It is not a big secret that file system in Java looks like UNIX file system. It
Iterator vs Enumeration?
Java 2 Platform and JAAS Authorization Architectures
Java Bytecode Engineering with BCEL
Java Calendar and Date: good to know facts and code examples
Java certification success, Part 1: SCJP
Java encapsulation gotchas
Java Message Service Tutorial
Java Message Service Tutorial
Java Shared Classes
Java theory and practice: State replication in the Web tier
Java Virtual Machine
Java vs .NET
Java: History of Java
Java: Strength
Java: Weaknesses
JDK 5.0: More Flexible, Scalable Locking
JMS Application Changes Under J2EE 1.4
Microsoft heed a key lesson learned or suffer the consequences
My application runs much slower with 1.3/1.4 when compared with the 1.2 Producti
My application uses just one class from big jar file. Does the entire jar file g
My Java application is for system with small memory. How to get the system’s fre
My program creates a huge number of objects dynamically and even more inside eac
NetBeans 4.1 Early Access Release Now Available
New Daylight Saving rules in USA and Java?
Object-Relation Mapping without the Container
Open Source J2EE 1.4 gets Sun green light
Orchestrating Grid Workloads w/ Tivoli
Our server (Solaris) accept a socket when got a request. Why can we only create
PHP To Challenge J2EE and .NET
Portal Apps Tutorial w/ Websphere and Struts
Portlets with FacesClient Components
Question: Do exist non SUN’s, freeware implementations of essential libraries fo
Question: How do I find out how long the JVM has been running?
Question: What is difference between add() and addElement() in Vector?
Question: What is difference between sets and lists?
Question: What is difference between sets and lists?
Question: what is fail-fast iterator in Java?
Quickly create Secure Portals with Java-based framework
Replacing Reflection with Code Generation
Serialize Java Object to file? How can I store and retrieve serialized objects t
News: softSCJD released
Sun revokes FreeBSD’s Java licence
Sun To Tighten NetBeans 4.1 and Java in 2005
Synchronized is implementation detail
Ternary operation or operator in Java: what is that?
The beta release of J2SE 1.5 is scheduled for late 2003. I have heard that there
The clear-Method in the java.util.Calendar-Class doesnt behave like I suggest.
The On Demand Operating Environment
Transforming JFrame Windows with IFrame
Unclogging Server Bottlenecks w/ Active Containers
Using Aspect-Oriented Programming to Maintain Legacy Java Apps
Webcast: Team Unifying Platform Ensures Interoperability
What are additional types of GC do exist in the J2SE platform, version 1.4.2?
What audio and video formats does the Java Media Framework support?
What can I do if some programming language has no methods to interact with Java
What does mean “Lists (like Java arrays) are zero based.”?
What does mean ”internalization” for me when I design my program and where sho
What does mean term ”peer” and what can I do with it if I use getPeer() in Com
What is date of Java birthday?
What is difference between Hashmap and Hashtable?
What is difference between RMI and Java Messaging? And between email and Java me
What is difference between the for(;;) and while(true)?
What is Java Space technology?
What is meant by persistence?
What is relation between JAXP and Xerces?
What is the maximum number of dimensions that a Java array can take?
What is young generation in GC(Garbage Collector)?
What type of garbage collection does a System.gc() do?
When do I need to use reflection?
When do I to choose an abstract class over an interface?
When does garbage collection performance matter to the user?
When I running Runtime.exec(…), I get a Process object. I want serialize it to
Where can I find sample code for J2EE guidelines, patterns, and code for end-to-
Where is MS Java Virtual Machine stored in IE? I would like to take them away…
Which Collection should I use in my Java program? Part 1. Hashtable vs hashmap?
Whizlabs Acquires INESystems, Maintains Lead in the J2EE Domain
Whizlabs Upgrades its SCMAD (J2ME Certification) Exam Simulator
Whizlabs Upgrades its SCWCD 1.4 (J2EE Certification) Exam Simulator
Why do I see the attribute in a derivative class? I can not access it anyway!
Why I can not compile it:
Why is Runtime.runFinalizersOnExit deprecated?
Why Java does not use default value which it should?
Why Java Hot Spot Compiler has the name – Hot Spot?
With 1.3.1 we got 4GB heaps on Solaris, why can’t I get this to work on Windows?
World’s first SCBCD certification exam simulator launched by Whizlabs

”Using Web Services Effectively” – the online tutorial
1.3, 1.4 –> 1.5 Migration
AJAX Interoperability Demo for WS-RT/WS-RP
An Overview of the Java WSDP 1.5
Concurrent Programming with J2SE 5.0
Demo Version of uCertify Exam Simulation PrepKit for Microsoft Exam 70-292 Relea
Exam Directory: New website for IT Certification Exam Information Launched
Five Reasons to Move to the J2SE 5 Platform
Getting Started with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Getting Sun Java Certified
Gosling onto real time Java
If your system does take in external XML data this security tip is for you!
Is it possible to measure time in nanoseconds?
Java and PHP will work together!
Java is better than .NET! part I
Java is better than .NET! part II
Java preps dive into real-time role
Java Refreshable Objects
JMX for Managing Java Applications
New IBM Software PowerPack evaluation program for Java and .Net developers
New series of PHP lectures start!
No Cost developerWorks Live! Technical Briefings in 2004 Offers IT Career Enhancement Opportunities
Performance testing has shown that the finalize methods in the channel classes i
The Java Books page: the link errors are fixed now!
The Man Who Brewed Up Java
The Multi-Tasking Virtual Machine: Building a Highly Scalable JVM
Thread: run() vs start() method
Timing is Everything
uCertify announces Special Discounts on selected Exam Simulation PrepKits
uCertify Launches PrepKit for CompTIA Exam IK0-002 for i-Net+ Certification
uCertify Offers Exam PrepKit for Oracle 9i (1Z0-147) Exam
uCertify Offers Upto 70 % Limited Period Discount on Exam Simulation PrepKits. announces the release date for new Exam Simulation on SCJP
Using JConsole to Monitor Applications
What is Java Isolates and why do we need it?
What is Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture?
What is typical offshore model? Why offshore is so compelling?
Where can I find brief description for common set of design patterns which I can
Where could I buy gifts to my colleagues (t-shirts, glasses, caps, mugs and so o
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Find, sort, organize and enjoy the pictures on your computer in seconds.
Gif4J PRO 2.0 and Gif4J LIGHT 1.0 released
I am loading an image into my application from users and do not know in advance
In our application we try to send an image over socket connection in binary form
Java Desktop images
On some Windows 2000 machines our application (uses Java 2D) causes system crash
Question: I am trying to construct my GUI so that my images can act like JButton
Question: I have read that Java Advanced Imaging API uses native code…
Web icons in your web oriented application
Which Java library can convert psd format (Photoshop Image)? Is it free?

A new toolset for creating web-based user interfaces with Java
Applet and command line parameter?
Building Web Services w/ Eclipse Tutorial
Can one applet load another applet on runtime, and can these two applets talk?
Domino Custom JSP Tags Tutorial
Easily create new application simulators
Every time I access an Applet browser downloads all related classes.
HeapAnalyzer v 1.3.7 – fully supports Java Profile
How do I hide system properties that applets are allowed to read by default?
I am writing a chat applet and I would like to put icons in user messages. Is i
If I run my applet with the SUN VM I get exception: ”Either ”code” or ”objec
Is there a way to write information to cookies through an Applet?
Java: Applets
My applets are big and it takes much time to download (on browser) when a networ
Question: I have an applet. I have succesfully added the class to a JAR, but whe
Use a Java Applet to access remote Web services
What is the difference between applets loaded over the net and applets loaded vi

A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Java Beans
Delivering on the Promise of Wireless Applications
EJB programming restrictions
EJBs Tutorial: Access Heterogeneous Data w/ DB2
Oracle ADF JClient support in the new version of JDatePicker
Question: How many kinds of enterprise beans does Java has?
RAD Tutorial w/ JavaServer Faces and WS Portal
Tutorial: Simplifying EJB Component Development

Murach’s Java Servlets and JSP

I have found that ZipEntry() method behaves strange:
Reading Java’s API version 1.41 I noticed that many classes contain now valuable

“ Get certified & earn 15% extra….. “ Part 1.
“ Get certified & earn 15% extra….. “ Part 2.
Read Java Certification Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 4. Client View of a Se
Read Java Certification Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 5. Session Bean Compon
Read Java Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 1
Read Java Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 2. Identify EJB 2.0 container requir
Read Java Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 3. The EJB roles.
Read Java Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 6. Session Bean Component Contract
Read Java Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 7. Session Bean Component Contract.
Read Java Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 8. Session Bean Life Cycle.
Read Java Certification SCBCD Study Guide – 9. Client View of an Entity.

How to make 32 byte UUID – Better Than java.RMI.server.UID
Java Array
Native From Java: Java code example
New Java book online starts now here…
Ready Java example: Embed JVM into native code.
Search site here
Tricky Java example: Display Icons without icons.

I defined an equals method, but Hashtable ignores it. Why?
I tried to forward a method to super, but it occasionally doesn’t work. Why?
Q: Can I get good advice from books on Java?
Q: Can I write sin(x) instead of Math.sin(x)?
Q: How big is an Object? Why is there no sizeof?
Q: I have a class with six instance variables, each of which could be initialize
Q: I have a complex expression inside a loop…
Q: I still miss global variables. What can I do instead?
Q: In what order is initialization code executed? What should I put where?
Q: Is null an Object?
Q: What about class initialization?
Q: What other operations are surprisingly slow?
Q: Why are there no global variables in Java?
Q: Why does my Properties object ignore the defaults when I do a get?
Q: Will I get killed by the overhead of object creation and GC?
Q:Inheritance seems error-prone. How can I guard against these errors?
Q:What are some alternatives to inheritance?
Q:When should I use constructors, and when should I use other methods?
Q:Within a method m in a class C, isn’t this.getClass() always C?
The code in a finally clause will never fail to execute, right?

Ergonomics in the 5.0 Java Virtual Machine
Eye on performance: Trash talk
How to improve performance?
I was using Java 1.4.x during of development of program. Our customers want to u
Java Performance Tuning w/ Fat Clients
Java: Ant
Java: IDEs
Java: Packages – Importing
Java: Packages – Installing
Java: Style and Correctness Checkers
Java: Text Editors
Java: TextPad Editor
Make Tomcat page load faster
Q: How do I improve dramatically performance of my Java program?
ROXES Ant Tasks 1.0 Open Source released

Easy Java Lecture 12: Classes. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 12a: Painting Concepts. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 13-2 Inheritance in Java. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 13: Inheritance in Java. Part II. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 14: Interfaces and packages. Part I. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 14: Interfaces and packages. Part II. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 15-2: Swing I. Handling events in Swing application: theory, e
Easy Java Lecture 15: Swing I. Part I. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 16: Swing II. Part I
Easy Java Lecture 16: Swing II. Part II
Easy Java Lecture 16: Swing II. Part III
Easy Java Lecture 17: Layout managers – a visual guide part I
Easy Java Lecture 17: Layout managers – a visual guide part II
Easy Java Lecture 17: Layout managers – a visual guide part III
Easy Java lecture 1: Your first cup of Java. Teach/learn online
Easy Java lecture 2: A quick intro to Java programming. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 3: OOP programming concepts: theory. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 4: OOP programming concepts: example. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 5: Variables. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 6: Operators. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 7: Expressions, statements, and blocks. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 8: Control flow statements. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lecture 9: The life cycle of an object. Teach/learn online
Easy Java Lectures by Anatoliy Malyarenko: Contents.
Exceptions -II: What’s an exception and why do I care?
Exceptions -III: What’s an exception and why do I care?
Exceptions: What’s an exception and why do I care?
Java Lecture 10: Characters and strings
Java Lecture 11: Numbers and arrays, examples. Teach/learn online
Lecture 18: Writing event listeners with best examples, Part I
Lecture 18: Writing event listeners with best examples, Part II

Java Lesson 37: Menus and submenus
Java Lesson 38: The WindowListener interface and the WindowAdapter class
Java Lesson 39: An introduction to GridBagLayout
Java Lesson 40: An introduction to the Java Collections API
Java Lesson 41: Exception handling with try, catch, and finally blocks
Java Lesson 42: Claiming and throwing exceptions
Java Lesson 43: Multithreading, the Thread class, and the Runnable interface
Java Lesson 44: An introduction to I/O and the File and FileDialog classes
Java Lesson 45: Low-level and high-level stream classes
Java Lesson 46: Using the RandomAccessFile class
Java Lessons by Jon Huhtala: Update
The Java Lesson 10: for, while, and do-while statements
The Java Lesson 11: Using break and continue
The Java Lesson 12: Class methods and how they are called
The Java Lesson 13: Using the Math class
The Java Lesson 14: Creating and calling custom class methods
The Java Lesson 15: Overloading class methods
The Java Lesson 16: An introduction to objects and object references
The Java Lesson 17: The String class
The Java Lesson 18: The StringBuffer class
The Java Lesson 19: Initializing and processing arrays of primitives
The Java Lesson 1: What is Java?
The Java Lesson 20: Initializing and processing arrays of objects
The Java Lesson 23: Inheritance and overriding inherited methods
The Java Lesson 24: abstract classes and polymorphism
The Java Lesson 25: Interfaces, instanceof, and object conversion and casting
The Java Lesson 26: Introduction to graphical programming and the java.awt packa
The Java Lesson 27: The Component class
The Java Lesson 28: Containers and simple layout managers
The Java Lesson 29: The Color and Font classes
The Java Lesson 2: Anatomy of a simple Java program
The Java Lesson 30: Drawing geometric shapes
The Java Lesson 31: Choice, List, and Checkbox controls
The Java Lesson 32: Using the Scrollbar graphical control
The Java Lesson 33: Menus and submenus
The Java Lesson 34: An introduction to applets and the Applet class
The Java Lesson 35: Essential HTML to launch an applet and pass it parameters
The Java Lesson 36: Mouse event processing
The Java Lesson 3: Identifiers and primitive data types
The Java Lesson 3: Identifiers and primitive data types. Page 2
The Java Lesson 4: Variables, constants, and literals
The Java Lesson 5: Arithmetic operations, conversions, and casts
The Java Lesson 6: Boolean expressions and operations
The Java Lesson 7: Bitwise operations with good examples, click here!
The Java Lesson 7: Bitwise operations with good examples, click here! Page 2
The Java Lesson 7: Bitwise operations with good examples, click here! Page 3
The Java Lesson 7: Bitwise operations with good examples, click here! Page 4
The Java Lesson 8: Flow control with if and else
The Java Lesson 9: switch statements

A Look at Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW)
AMS Implementation on Palm
apps for phones releases Version 2
Do you know good design patterns for developing applications for wireless device
Encrypt Data within Mobile Apps Tutorial
How can I use SSL in MIDP1.0?
I am going to start applications development for wireless devices. Could you gui
JBenchmark3D New Application for Mobile Java
MobiForms Revolutionises the Development of Mobile Applications
MobiForms Version 3.0 Released With Improved Wireless Networking and ERP Connect
MobiForms Wireless Development Tool Now Certified With IBM J9 Java Environment
Question: What’s New in the J2ME Wireless Toolkit 2.0?
Web Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices
Website for mobile – A Beginner’s Guide.
Where Can I find more info on Java programming for mobiles?
Wireless messaging with JXTA

Java Newsletters:
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Earth to Sun – please do not dump JavaOne
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My request to replublish Tech Tips

‘if’ Quiz 1
‘if’ Statement – ‘else if’ style
Action, AbstractAction
Anonymous Listeners
Assertions… What is it?
Design By Contract
Development Techniques
Directories and Files
Events — Introduction
Fail Early, Fail Often
Inner-class Listeners
Iterative/Incremental Development -I
Iterative/Incremental Development -II
Java Notes: Keyboard
Java Programs
Java Switch Statement – Overview and 27 examples
Java: ‘if’ Statement – Braces
Java: ‘if’ Statement – Indentation
Java: Applications – text example
Java: Arrays — Multi-dimensional
Java: Audio
Java: Beep
Java: Big Blob Structure
Java: Class and Interface Concepts
Java: Compiling a Java program
Java: Constructor Chaining Exercise
Java: Constructors
Java: Constructors – super
Java: Constructors – super example
Java: Example –
Java: Example – KeyDemo
Java: Exception Usage
Java: Exceptions – More
Java: GUI Overview
Java: GUI Structural Patterns
Java: import
Java: Interface Exercises
Java: Interfaces
Java: Java Data Structures
Java: Java vs. C
Java: java.util.Calendar
Java: Javadoc
Java: javax.swing.Timer
Java: Methods – Introduction
Java: Model-View-Controller (MVC) Structure
Java: Packages – Defining
Java: Presentation-Model Structure
Java: Random numbers – intro
Java: String Overview
Java: switch Example – Random Insults
Java: Unicode
Java: Various time classes
JComboBox (uneditable)
Packages – Importing
Random numbers – API
Random Numbers – shuffling
Sorting Arrays
Top-level Listeners

A free,new,unique and advanced Java IDE
A Java implementation of BEEP (Blocks Extensible Exchange Protocol)
A utility for entering the Indian scripts
Abstract User Interface Markup Language Toolkit
Adding JRuby to your Java Toolbox
Advanced Installer For Java 1.8 Released
Advanced Installer For Java 4.0 Released
Advanced Installer for Java v1.9 Released
Advanced Installer for Java v2.2 Released
Advanced Installer for Java v2.5 Released
Advanced Installer For Java v2.6 Released
Advanced Pattern Search Toolkit for Sequential Data
AgentFX 2.1 released
Allatori Java Obfuscator
Allatori Java Obfuscator
An XML-based mark-up language for telephony call control.
An XML-driven debugging automation tool for Java
Application Privacy Monitoring for JDBC
BFO and Columbia University have great Chemistry
BFO boosts its portfolio with Java PDF Viewer
Build highly decoupled systems with the power of static crosscutting
Build intelligent Java agents using machine reasoning
Build your own Servlet-based Web server, with nonblocking I/O
Bytecode offers a glimpse into application performance
C10k problem solved with AIO4J’s Java IO alternative
Cache Invalidation Adapter for WebSphere Application Server
Can I use system provided random numbers generators when I run my Java program o
Class Finder Toolkit for Websphere Application Server
Client-and server-side templating with Velocity
CodeRuler: Medieval Java Training Game
Create a portable Web service in multiple J2EE environments
Critical update for CodeRuler medieval Java game
Debugging with FindBugs
Design Pattern Toolkit (version1.4.0)
Design service-oriented architecture framework with J2EE technology
Determining the Riskiness of Change
Develop aspect-oriented Java apps with Eclipse and AJDT
Dictionary and Thesaurus API for Java
Do you know about ”Full Speed Debugging” and ”HotSwap” Class File Replacemen
Do you know any free Java editor for the Java?
Do you know any Java API to access Windows registry?
Double your Java code quality in 10 minutes, here is receipt
Dynamic Aspects release domain/j demos
Dynamic learning with JSP, Servlets and Juru
Easy Deployment of Real-Time Java for Linux
Easy source code access with IBM’s framework for JDBC
Eclipse method for pairwise testing
Eclipse plug-in for IBM’s Cloudscape embedded Java database
Eclipse’s Rich Client Platform
Fast find memory leaks with Heap Analysis Tool
Fast improve of your Java Code Quality for peak performance with JProbe.
Has Java some APIs or tools to work with SNMP?
History Flow Shows How Wiki Articles Evolve
How does JVM interact with profilers?
How to Tomcat 5? Part 1
How to Tomcat 5? Part 2
How to use Java built-in profiler.
I am trying to make my code compact. I already ”JARed” all files…
I know that exist many Java compilers, not only ”javac” from SUN 🙂 Part II
I used JProof free utility for code obfuscation to protect my code. It seems tha
IBM creates performance harness for JMS
IBM develops Multilingual Dictionary API for Java
IBM improves Toolkit for MPEG-4
IBM Java structure analysis tool for Linux
IBM provides a java DPPE for emerging Grids
IBM provides RIB tool for Swing and Eclipse GUIs
IBM release Interoperability Tool for Eclipse and .NET WinForms
IBM releases an Eclipse-based visual ontology management tool
IBM releases Development Tool for Java-COM Bridge
IBM releases eclipse Embedded Voice Toolkit
IBM releases free 2004 Middleware Software Evaluation Kit — new 2-DVD set!
IBM releases intelligent tools for semantic programming
IBM releases new Emerging Technologies Toolkit v2.1
IBM releases Semantics Toolkit
IBM Service Management Framework Extension for Relocatable Services (ReSMF)
IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4 v1.2
IBM’s Java Embedded ViaVoice speech SDK
IBM’s Method Scheduler for J2EE, Servlets and JSP
IBM’s new XML Security Suite
IBm’s NotesBuddy update to support new Sametime level
IBM’s novel approach to spell checking
IBM’s ZetaGrid uses J2EE to solve large computing-intensive problems
IBM’s ZetaGrid uses J2EE to solve large computing-intensive problems
IBMs aDesigner now Eclipse embedded with Voice browser
Improve Eclipse software development with robust logging plug-in
Improve the quality of your J2EE-based projects
IntelliJ IDEA vs. Eclipse vs. NetBeans: my personal experience, Part II
IntelliJ IDEA vs. Eclipse vs. NetBeans: my personal experience…
Introducing the Reflexive User Interface Builder
Is there any way in Java we can view the bytecodes generated by a piece of code?
J2Native 2.0 released
J2Native version 1.0 is released.
JAR Class Finder for Eclipse
Java 2D Imaging for the Standard Widget Toolkit
Java launcher 1.5 released
Java Tools that help you learn how Java works and understand it even more.
Java Trace Analyzer for WebSphere Application Server
JetBrains Releases IntelliJ IDEA 5.0
JFluid – a profiling tool for the Java programming language
JFluid – a profiling tool for the Java programming language
JFormula 2.8 – Math expressions API
Learn how to modify classes as they’re being loaded with Javassist
License4J – licensing library for Java
License4J version 1.2 is released.
Make exe file from your Java application (code)
Maven vs Ant or Ant vs Maven?
Migrate your Swing application to SWT
MirrorJNDI version 1.0 is released.
Mobile Database Access
Mock Translation Input Method Editor
Model for Self-Managing Java Servers
NetBeans IDE 4.1 Early Access 2 Released
New Advanced Installer for Java 6.0 brings XML updates and imports 3rd party MSI
New alphaWorks license for DB2 replication monitoring
New GUIKit from Wolfram Research Enriches Mathematica(R) Development Environment
New version: Structural Analysis for Java
Overview Java commands! java vs javaw
PHP Integration Kit for J2EE
Pure Java runs JAXB for XML processing
Q: I have made an applet in vJ++ which I have to sign. Is there any tool to do
Question: Why do I see JSP code in my browser, not HTML page which supposed to b
RELAX NG with Custom Datatype Libraries
Replication Monitoring Center for DB2
Resolving classpath problems with Jarhoo
Robocode Java Violance Game Goes Open Source
ROXES Ant Tasks 1.1 Open Source released
Scripting for XML
Smokescreen 3.4 has been released
softSCWCD released
Software Configuration Management with IBM Rational and WebSphere software
Structural Analysis for Java
Sun Java Studio Creator 2 : An Introduction, part 1.
Sun Java Studio Creator 2 : An Introduction, part 2.
Sun to Release Java Dev Kit upgrade for StarOffice
Take a good look at your Heap
The buzz about Apache Beehive and the Pollinate eclipse plug-in
Tomcat example: deploy web application directly in root, not in subdirectory
Tracing in a Multithreaded, Multiplatform Environment
Tune Eclipse’s startup performance with the Runtime Spy
Unicode Input Method Editor
Unit test your Java code faster with Groovy
Use the Element Construction Set to create formatted logs
Using Javassist for Bytecode Search-and-Replace Transformations
Version 1.1 of Allatori Java Obfuscator is released.
Version 1.4 of Advanced Swing Components is released.
Visual Resource Bundle Inspector for Java
We compile a large number of files and we have strange problem:
What are enhancements were added to new javac since 1.4.2?
What do you not know about Java tools!
What is difference between ordinary Java archive file and executable one?
What is Java Shared Data Toolkit and how can I use it?
What is jvmstat?
What’s the difference between the -client and -server systems (options in JVM)?
When I use Java to write my program under some specific OS, I always set some en
Why you should consider Eclipse and how it differs from Netbeans
WinA&D 4.0 – Software Engineering Tool
XML Programming in Java Tutorial

Is it possible to run a servlet from a browser without visibly changing the bro
Which JSP model (Model 1 or Model 2) and when should I use in my web applicatio
ASP vs. JSP?
Assertions do not work in Tomcat and Java!
Can I run a Java application through a web page? Can be a servlet used for this
Can I use HttpURLConnection class to make HTTPS requests in java 1.2?
easy, stand-alone web apps with Java: webbase 1.20
easy, stand-alone web apps with Java: webbase 1.20
File path in web application on Tomcat? Take the solution and code example!
Findout in one minute why Tomcat runs on 8080 port, not 80?
How can I start/stop my web application from a JSP page?
How do I attach a file to the HTTP POST request? I am using URLConnection to sen
How do I use JavaBeans components (beans) from a JSP page?
I design User Interface for server applications. Are there any libraries,
I just started to write JSP and servlets code.
I see this error message:
Is it possible to use RSS (”Really Simple Syndication”) together with JSP?
Is JSP standalone technology or is it an extension of Servlets?
JSP include vs JSP action: What is faster for you?
Look here: Firefox with my free tools increase productivity of your work by 50%!
New trick: Reload a page N times without JavaScript and refresh tag
Question: Can I install an application on Tomcat on the fly or do I need to stop
Question: How can I measure performance of my servlets/JSP pages?
Question: How do can I highlight search results in my JSP application?
Question: How to decrease/stop logging in Tomcat?
Question: I’m trying to read a file from the jsp file on the server. It works fi
Question: What is the force driving gurus to come for portlets?
Question: What is the force driving gurus to come for portlets?
Sun open sources JavaServer Faces code
Understanding the Java Portlet Specification
webbase – easy made web apps
What are JSP Model 1 and Model 2 architectures?
Why do I need JSP technology if I already have servlets?

Number to String Conversion
Strings to Numbers

Applications, applets, and servlets
Common error messages and solutions
Essential DOS skills for working with Java
How Java compiles and interprets code
How to compile source code with a switch
How to get started with Java
How to get started with Java: How to navigate the API documentation
How to get started with Java: Introduction to Java IDEs
How to get started with Java: Perspective
How to get started with Java: The BlueJ IDE
How to get started with Java: The Eclipse IDE for Java
How to prepare your system for using Java
How to run an application
How to set the classpath
How to set the command path
How to use TextPad to run an application
How to use TextPad to save and edit source code
How to use TextPad to work with Java
How to use the command prompt to work with Java
How to use the documentation for the Java SE API
Introduction to Java

In releases prior to 1.4.2, it was possible to create an invalid URL instance s
A serversocket call accept(). Does it listen the port forever until get a reques
Accendia Iris Application Server Released
Are any classes available to deal with Mac Address ( not IP ) and which are thes
Can you help with third party pure Java programming language implementations of
Do you know any P2P (peer to peer) projects like Napster, Morpheus based on Java
Does Java support QoS (Quality of Service) for packets that are sent over the In
Easy fix for long timeouts in Java Sockets and RMI connections
How can I create a new Instance of InetAddress class? I have not found any const
How do I change the encoding of the text of characters when I transmit them thro
How do I encode a binary file before sending it and how do I decode it when I re
How to do a POST Method from a java application instead of a html page?
I am not strong in networking… Is it possible to create two ServerSockets list
I know that the PersonalJava application environment is a Java platform for buil
I work with RMI now and need to implement a new feature into software that was w
I write my data into a file with serialization methods (Java 1.1.8). How can I r
In Socket class exists method ”getOOBInline” that checks if OOBINLINE is enabl
IP addresses are used to get packets to the right computer, but how do packets
Is it possible to use SSL with RMI and can I have both (plain and encrypted) con
Java TCP Sockets and Swing Tutorial
Make your Tomcat More secure – limit network address for certain IP addresses
More about JNLP – Java Network Launching Protocol…
My application tries to read html files from web server.
New NIO Tutorial with working examples: the client, code. part II
Question: Is it possible to run an applet or application directrly from
Read New NIO Tutorial with working examples: the server
Session replication and clustering in Tomcat: version 6 vs version 5?
News: Sun makes room for Jxta
uCertify Launches Exam Simulation PrepKit for Microsoft 70-294 Exam for MCSE 200
uCertify to Release Exam Simulation Prepkit for Microsoft (70-290)Exam
Unbreakable Java: A Java Server That Never Goes Down
validate an IP address
When I use InetAddress.getByName if a lookup to the name service failed then all

BFO sign, seal and deliver PDFs with new PDF Library release
BFO- FREE improvements for PDF Library
Just Published: Murach’s Java SE 6
uCertify releases new Exam Simulation on CIW 1D0-435 exam

Java flaw could lead to Windows, Linux attacks

Armor2net Personal Firewall3.12: Launched by Armor2net Software to Protect PCs
Generate Certificate Chains for Testing Java Applications
How can generate absolute unique number without using complicated math functions
I am going to use ”a code obfuscation” to prevent it from stealing. Are there
I want to be able to uniquely identify a file by its contents. I read the file a
Java Security Hole: update your Java!
Microsoft warns of Java flaws
Secure a J2ME Environment with JCE
Security Vulnerabilities in the Java Runtime Environment Image Parsing Code
Sun Java System Server XSLT Processing Remote Java Method Execution Vulnerabilit
Sun JSSE SSL/TLS Handshake Processing Denial Of Service Vulnerability
The Java Web Start is vulnerable: Unauthorized Access!!
What are most used authentication methods for web applications?

I just starting with Java and going to develop a class that will give reverberat
I tried to look at the classes for Java Speech technology… They are not includ
I use the MediaTracker class is a utility class to track the status of a number
News: IBM Toolkit for MPEG-4 (version 1.1.1)

Finding Lost Frames
Placing components on each other
”The compiler team is writing useless code again …”
A Simple Database Viewer
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Anonymous Inner Classes
Blocking Queue
Book Review: “Wicked Cool” Java
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Boolean comparisons
Charting unknown waters in JDK 1.4 Part I
Checking that your classpath is valid
Circular Array List
Class names don’t identify a class
Classloaders Revisited: ”Hotdeploy”
Commenting out your code?
Counting bytes on Sockets
Counting Objects Clandestinely
Counting Objects Clandestinely – Follow-up
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Deadlocks in Java
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Depth-first Polymorphism
Determining Memory Usage in Java
Doclet for finding missing comments
Doclets Find Bad Code
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Dynamic Proxies – Short Tutorial
Exceptional Constructors – Resurrecting the dead
Exceptions From Constructors
Final Newsletter
Follow-up to JDK 1.4 HashMap hashCode() mystery
Generic Types with Dynamic Decorators
Hash, hash, away it goes!
HashMap requires a better hashCode() – JDK 1.4 Part II
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Hooking into the shutdown call
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Implementation code inside interfaces
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Implementing a SoftReference based HashMap
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Insane Strings
J2EE Singleton
Java Import Statement Cleanup
Story By Dr. Kabutz: java.awt.EventQueue
Lack of Streaming leads to Screaming
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Logging part 1
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Logging part 2
Making Exceptions Unchecked
Multi-line cells in the JTable
Multicasting in Java
Non-virtual Methods in Java
Nulling variables and garbage collection
Once upon an Oak …
Package Versioning
Review: Object-Oriented Implementation of Numerical Methods
Review: The Secrets of Consulting
Self-tuning FIFO Queues
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Serializing GUI Components Across Network
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Serializing GUI Components Across Network, follow up
Serializing Objects Into Database
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Setting focus to second component of modal dialog
Shutting down threads cleanly
Speed-kings of inverting booleans
Switching on Object Handles
Switching on Object Handles: Follow-up
Using Unicode Variable Names
Visiting your Collection’s Elements
What do you Prefer?
When arguments get out of hand…
Why I don’t read your code comments …
Story By Dr. Kabutz: Writing GUI Layout Managers

I want to erase text in a TextArea. I want to use some function clear(), clearA
I want to use progress bar for downloading files from Internet. But how do I kn
A couple of canvases inside my applet using BorderLayout…
Could you tell me what is advantage of Spinner over Combo box?
Desktop Java Features in Mustang
GUI – Swing vs. AWT
GUI Structural Patterns
How can I call swings in browser?
How can I color in real time user text input?
How can my application dispose or close a Frame from another Frame AWT? For exam
I am getting strange artifacts when rendering Asian text in a TextArea component
I am trying by one statement to change the font for all Swing components that ar
I need ”Always On Top” functionality for my GUI… How could I do that?
I use printing of Swing components. It is slow… Can I increase the speed?
I want to disable the users ability to close a window (JDialog) using the ”x”
I want to get mouse move and click events when the mouse is outside of the Java
Icon in taskbar for my Java Application? Read here answer.
Introduction to Components
Is there a way to detect if the CAPS LOCK key is active? I want to detect it eve
Java 2 SE 6.0 Aesthetics Preview
Java Calendar Component v2.0 released
Java code examples grouped by class name
Java: Borders
Java: Change Listener
Java: Components
Java: Example – JTextArea
Java: JButton
Java: JCheckBox
Java: JComboBox (uneditable)
Java: JLabel
Java: JLabel font and color
Java: JLabel for output
Java: JMenu
Java: JTextField
Java: Radio Buttons
Java: Sliders
JButton Appearance
Mixing Heavy and Liight components
Mouse Gestures Library for Java
On Solaris, Java Advanced Imaging complains about lack of access to an X server.
Question: Do you know how to make windows button on task bar flash?
Question: What is SWT? And what is useful for?
Strange classes in Java: LayoutManager and LayoutManager2. Need you even LayoutM
Summary – Basic GUI Components (Widgets)
Summary – GUI Containers
Summary – GUI Layouts
Swing Dev with TableModel Free framework
News: Take the heavy coding out of fixed-object animation
The class Robot was introduced in Java version 1.3 and belongs to awt (java.awt.
The Java Look-and-Feel Debate
Today many mice have more than three buttons. And people program the fourth – th
Version 1.5 of Advanced Swing Components is released.
VolatileBufferedToolkitImage Strategies
Where to declare components

Implementing RESTful Web Services in Java
SSL with GlassFish v2

Basic Regular expression summary
Big Smileys
comma separated into string array
Find out in one minute why you can not wirite unicode characters to my file!
Has anyone found a way to produce a MS Word file with Java?
How to check whether there are new text files in a specified folder and what is
How to get ascii code from a char in Java?
I have developed an application. At present the application is in English Langua
I have developed an application. At present the application is in English Langua
I placed the current date and time into String data type. But my table column is
I want to get the java.lang.String to read a stream of Chinese characters. But I
I want to to have a listener for a String’s change event. Is it possible?
I write a batch file dynamically. First, I collect all data into String value an
Java String is immutable, but why String Class has those methods…
Look here how can I read, write Word documents from Java program
Pattern and Matcher
Properties class inherited from Hashtable… Does it mean that I can use ”non-s
Question: Do you know how can I display special symbols like ”copyright” & ”t
Question: How do I split comma or white separated string?
Read how can I find out the same word in a text if it has different case (u
Regex Examples
Regex Language Intro
Regular expression summary
Regular Expressions
String Regex Methods
What is a rasterizer? Why doesn’t Java 2D use a native rasterizer for rendering
What is important to remember when you use SimpleDateFormat…
When I copy an MS Excel file to another Excel file, I’m getting garbage characte
Why String in Java is made immutable? Why it is not stupid idea?

Can I combine the two techniques to produce a thread that may be safely ”stoppe
Correction: In one of my last newsletters was the answer to the question:
How do I stop a thread that waits for long periods (e.g., for input)?
I am sure that in my program I create 100 new threads and when I use isAlive met
I read many times that Thread.stop is deprecated and it is unsafe to use it. But
Question: I get an error ”Green threads not supported” when tried to use -gree
The thread constructor since 1.4.1 allows the thread stack size to be specified.
What if a thread doesn’t respond to Thread.interrupt?
What should I use instead of Thread.suspend and Thread.resume?
When should I use notify() and when notifyAll() methods on threads?
Why are Thread.suspend and Thread.resume deprecated?
Why wait(), sleep(), notify(), notifyAll() must be inside a synchronized block,

Web Design:
Web Design: ”How To Create Your Own *24/7 Little Sales Machines* In 5 Simple Steps”
Advanced Web Ranking v2.4 Released
Advanced Web Ranking v2.4 Released
Advanced Web Ranking v3.0 Released
Advanced Web Ranking v3.1 Released
Advanced Web Ranking v3.2 Released
Advanced Web Ranking v3.3 Released
Advanced Web Ranking v3.7 Released
Web Design: Buy and Use a Mailing List – Headaches Forever…
Dynamic Web Data Analysis: A Design Approach
From marketing to Tea, any type of website can benefit from paid optimization
Web Design: Getting Into Google Through Their Open Back Door
Web Design: How To Write A High-Profit Autoresponder Series
IBM Business Process Execution Language for Web Services JavaTM Run Time
Web Design: It’s not just being linked, but how you link – anchor text, Java’s new portal, is online
Web Design: Log Analysis
Web Design: Moving to another web host or server? Some tips…
Web Design: Reciprocal Linking is Dead!
Web Design: The Top Seven Strategies for Website Success
Web Design: Web development: search engines
Whizlabs Launches SCJP 5.0 Certification Exam Simulator

EditiX 2 – XML Editor and XSLT Debugger
EditiX 2.1 – XML Editor & XSLT Debugger
Good review: Java XML RPC
I understand that the XML is some kind of language to describe documents. Why do
What is an XML registry and JAXR?
What is meant by ”transformation” in JAXP?
Why java parsers allow schema validation to be disabled?



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