LnF: Java Look And Feel

1. Quaqua Look And Feel
By: Werner Randelshofer
License: Commercial
URL: http://www.randelshofer.ch/quaqua/download.html
Description: The Quaqua Look and Feel is an extension for Apple’s Java implementation of the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.
2. 3D Look and Feel
By: Markus Hillenbrand
License: GNU General Public License
URL: http://www.markus-hillenbrand.de/3dlf/index.html
Description: 3D Look and Feel is a look and feel for the Java 2 Platform.
3. FH Look And Feel
By: Stefan Harsan Farr
License: GPL
URL: http://www.geocities.com/shfarr/
Description: Just a few words about the possibilities of this laf, however you’ll need to download it to see how it really works:
4. GTK/Swing Look And Feel
By: gtkswing.sourceforge.net/
License: OpenSource
URL: http://gtkswing.sourceforge.net/
Description: GTK/Swing is a pluggable look and feel (PLAF) for the Java Swing library. It tries to imitate as closely as possible the default theme of GTK+.
5. HippoLF
By: Robert Karlsson
License: Freeware
URL: http://www.javootoo.com/
Description: HippoLF is a free Java Swing Pluggable Look and Feel. The purpose of HippoLF is to provide all Swing GUI developers with a clean and simple yet professional look for java applications. Note that HippoLF is still in version 0.7, which means that many components lack full support and it has not yet been sufficiently tested. Please read the license carefully, before using HippoLF! The license is shipped with the package. HippoLF is developed using Java2 v1.4.
6. JGoodies Looks
By: JGoodies
License: Free Libraries
URL: http://www.jgoodies.com/freeware/looksdemo/index.html
Description: The JGoodies Looks Demo lets you compare the JGoodies Looks with the default implementations. It helps you get aquainted with the technical aspects of the looks and let you try optional settings that have been introduced by the JGoodies Looks.
7. Liquid Look and Feel
By: mikeai@sezampro.yu?subject=LiquidLnF
License: XPLookAndFeel
URL: http://liquidlnf.sourceforge.net/
Description: This is a new look and feel for Java GUI applications based on Swing. It is based on Mosfet’s Liquid 0.9.6-pre4 theme for KDE 3.x. I want to thanks to Daniel for this great widget theme.
8. Metouia look and feel
By: Taoufik Romdhane.
License: LGPL
URL: http://mlf.sourceforge.net/
Description: Metouia look and feel (mlf) is a pluggable look and feel for Java Swing applications and applets (for newbies, it’s something like a skin that changes the look of your application).
9. Napkin Look and Feel
By: napkinlaf.sourceforge.net/
License: OpenSource
URL: http://napkinlaf.sourceforge.net/
Description: The Napkin Look and Feel is a pluggable Java look and feel that looks like it was scrawled on a napkin. You can use it to make provisional work actually look provisonal, or just for fun.
10. Oyoaha lookandfeel
By: oyoaha
License: an apache-like license
URL: http://www.oyoaha.com/lookandfeel/
Description: oyoaha LookAndFeel introduces innovative new features: a theme enabled LAF with animations, transparency, sounds and more !
11. Skin Look And Feel
By: http://www.javootoo.com/ and l2fprod.com
License: OpenSource
URL: http://www.l2fprod.com/
Description: Now with Skin Look And Feel,YOUR Javaapplication is skinnable ! Skin Look And Feel is able to read GTK (The Gimp ToolKit) and KDE(The K Desktop Environment) Skins to enhance your application GUI controlssuch as Buttons, Checks, Radios, Scrollbars, Progress Bar, Lists, Tables,Internal Frames, Colors, Background Textures, Regular Windows. More than 500 LAFs in one !
12. SmoothMetal
By: http://www.javootoo.com/
License: OpenSource
URL: http://www.javootoo.com/
Description: SmoothMetal is a wrapper for some of Sun’s Java Look and Feels to enable anti-aliasing. Anti-aliasing is the process of smoothing text and images by introducing intermediary colours to fool the eye into believing that the resolution is somewhat higher than it is. Thus a black character on a white background is ‘smoothed’ with shades of grey. You can see this in Windows XP when using ClearType, or enable it in X11 using Xft. MacOS X and RISCOS users get it for free.
13. Squareness Look And Feel
By: Robert F. Beeger
License: OpenSource
URL: http://squareness.sourceforge.net/
Description: It’s a minimalistic flat look and feel with bright colors that are easy on the eyes. It’s part of the Squareness skin suite. The suite provides skins for Windowblinds, Java, Firebird. It aims to deliver a consistent look and feel across all your applications. It is licensed under the Academic Free License 2.0, which guarantees that it can be used in commercial applications.
14. TinyLaF
By: zuletzt geandert
License: OpenSource
URL: http://www.muntjak.de/hans/java/tinylaf/tinylaf-beta-1.2.1.zip
Description: TinyLaF can look like Windows 98 or like Windows XP. With the assistance of the control panel, the user can define the component’s colors and behaviour.

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