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101 Reasons Why Java Is Better Than .NET

http://www.manageability.org/blog/archive/20030108%23101_reasons_why_java_is/view 1. Run on Multiple Platforms from the Smallest Devices to the Largest Mainframes. Run on multiple platforms, from smart cards, embedded devices(JStamp), cell phones(Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson etc), pdas (Palm, Symbian, Sharp),laptops and desktops (MacOS, Linux), servers (Unix based), Non Stop Servers (Tandem) to Mainframes ( IBM ). 2. Run Dynamic Languages Run Dynamic Languages […]

LnF: Java Look And Feel

1. Quaqua Look And Feel By: Werner Randelshofer License: Commercial URL: http://www.randelshofer.ch/quaqua/download.html Description: The Quaqua Look and Feel is an extension for Apple’s Java implementation of the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines. 2. 3D Look and Feel By: Markus Hillenbrand License: GNU General Public License URL: http://www.markus-hillenbrand.de/3dlf/index.html Description: 3D Look and Feel is a look and feel for […]